“The speed reading workshops have been a huge hit at Ohio State! Students have come to the workshops a little skeptical, but they all leave raving about what they learned and how they can use it. We have presented this workshop to all students from 1st years to graduate and professional, and they have all benefited.”
-Kay Robinson, Assistant Director, Ohio Union, Ohio State University


“Your class truly had a significant impact on my productivity as well as many others in Ariel’s research department. Thanks again!”
-Jason Tyler, Portfolio Manager, Ariel Investments


“Many of the students who attended said this was one of the most beneficial ‘classes’ available to students and they wish they had attended one freshman year. I strongly urge any university to partner with Iris in bringing these workshops to more students!”
-Pooja Lahoti, Undergraduate Student Government, Ohio State University


“The Iris Organization facilitated a speed reading workshop for the Chicago Summer Business Institute’s 150 high school interns. The experience and outcome was phenomenal! The average student in the class began reading 239 words per minute and ended reading 457 words per minute; results were nearly doubled. We will continue to support the Iris Organization in assisting our students and colleagues in their efforts to enhance their reading skills.”
-Debra Carson, Program Coordinator, Chicago Summer Business Institute


“I would be more than happy to recommend your program to others. The students all agree that it was useful and helpful. Your efforts to enhance our students’ progress are greatly appreciated!”
-Angela Cross-Muzzall, Junior Year Counselor, John F. Kennedy High School

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