Four Reasons Why You Should Read Before Bed

What makes for a good night sleep? Is it a relaxing cup of tea? Or perhaps listening to music is something that helps you drift into your dream world? Actually, based on a study from the University of Sussex, they found that reading before bed worked the best. A solid seven to nine hours of […]


Who Learns Speed Reading and Why?

An executive needs a sharp mind to make the right choices for their business. Employees need to act quickly and remember their responsibilities coming from higher-ups. And students all need excellent comprehension skills to get them their degrees and get them well-paying jobs at these successful corporations. But first, how do people get an active […]


Why Reading is the Best Workout for Your Brain

How many times do you have to reset a password for an online account because you couldn’t remember it? Or you feel stressed from the day and can’t sleep? It happens to the best of us! Reading is one way to help your mind stay strong, sharp, and healthy. It is the “workout” your brain […]