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Maximizing Memory

This is an online course, but you can also attend in-person: Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Toronto

  •   Tue, Feb 12 from 3:00pm – 4:30pm EST

  •   Recording available within 24 hours of the webinar’s completion

  •   Become a better student, learn new languages, advance your career

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Speed Reading and Memory

What You’ll Learn:

  •   How Your Memory Works

  •   The Science Behind Why We Forget Things

  •   A Mathematical Approach To Remembering Information

  •   Advanced Memorization Techniques

  •   The Top Causes of Memory Problems

  •   How To Optimize Sleep for Better Memory

  •   How To Train Your Brain To Remember

  •   Science-Backed Methods To Enhance Your Memory

  •   How To Improve Your Vocabulary

  •   Note-Taking Strategies That Enhance Your Recall

  •   How Caffeine Affects Your Memory

  •   How To Break Old Study Habits

  •   How To Sharpen Your Focus for Better Recall

  •   A 4-Step Process To Read & Retain Information

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