Earn Your Speed Reading Certification

    Learn how to demonstrate high proficiency with speed reading and memory techniques while helping other people to do the same through the IRIS Speed Reading Academy™.

    There is no greater skill than having the ability to get through information quickly, and remember it. Regardless of whether you are a student, a working professional, or simply a lifelong learner, your ability to keep up with new information is quickly becoming an essential skill in need of constant improvement and fine-tuning.

      Learn How To:

    •    Increase your reading speed using practical techniques

    •    Improve comprehension with better focus & concentration

    •    Approach technical material and analytical reading more effectively

    •    Remember key information using specific memory techniques

    •    Read faster on the computer screen and other digital devices

    • Program Requirements & Investment:

    •   Apply For Consideration (fill out the form on this page)
    •   Complete Instructor Training Course (3.5 hours of content)
    •   Engage In Private Coaching Sessions (live video conference)
    •   Demonstrate Your Ability To Teach (yes, there’s homework)
    •   Maintain Certification Annually Through Continuing Education
    • September Sessions (CLASS FULL)
      October Sessions (Check Availability)

      Becoming an Associate Instructor with Iris:

      Iris Reading is the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading & memory training. Our proprietary workshop content has been taught worldwide to over a million students, executives and lifelong learners.

      Does everyone qualify to teach Iris workshops?

      No, unfortunately.

      We pride ourselves on developing strong partnerships with our accredited instructors. Iris invests significant time and resources for this specialized training, and we will only move forward if we believe the relationship can be mutually beneficial. Complete the form on this page to apply for consideration and check availability in your area.

      Types of Programs:

    •   Customized Workshops For Students
    • Our workshops have been customized for MBA & Executive MBA Programs, Medical Schools, Law Schools and other graduate / undergraduate programs at many of the most prestigious universities in the United States and internationally.

    •   Corporate Training & Professional Development
    • Iris works with many Fortune 500 companies and a variety of organizations, both public and private, to organize on-site training for their teams / executives who deal with significant amounts of work-related reading and research on a daily basis.

    •   Publicly Available Classes In Many Cities
    • We organize monthly classes in more than 50 major cities worldwide, many of which are open to the general public.
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