4 Powerful Productivity Habits of CEOs

Have you ever wondered to yourself how CEO’s are able to juggle a multitude of tasks while being the figurehead of a colossal company such as Amazon, Google or Facebook, all while maintaining a high level of productivity? The answer is, well, pretty simple… & personal assistants. I know you’re thinking, “Duh, of course money […]

Proper reading posture for speed reading

Proper Reading Posture for Speed Reading

If you are one of our avid followers, you should already be familiar with the fundamental concepts and techniques involved with reading efficiently. But we all know that just because you know how to practice a skill, that doesn’t mean you won’t have the urge to fall back into old reading habits. Likewise, if you plan […]

Utilize Music To Enhance Comprehension

Utilize Music To Enhance Comprehension

We have all heard the almost universally accepted myth that listening to Mozart makes one “smarter”. That with the mere swells of listening to his majestic symphony, neurons would be rewired in our brains, synapses firing in ways they have never before, and our minds suddenly being capable of performing intellectual feats we never imagined […]

The “Read and Recall” Exercise

The “Read and Recall” Exercise

This simple exercise is a great drill to use in conjunction with your speed drills for a thorough and comprehensive practice regimen because it directly trains your ability to recall. Like all skills, concerted effort, repetition, and practice will help you in honing your comprehension and recall abilities. For this exercise, read a paragraph, and […]

I’m Done Reading, Now What?

What To Do Immediately After You Finish Reading

You have just spent the last hour reading. Now what? Well, hopefully you utilized one of the many techniques illustrated within past tips to have aided you in maximizing your time, reading speed, comprehension, note taking, and recall. If not, then it is highly recommend that you do. After all the reading material is completed, […]