7 Reasons Why Speed Reading Is Good For Your Brain

5 Reasons Why Speed Reading Is Good For You

Speed Reading to me is not just about reading faster. I want to be able to comprehend the information better and retain it longer. It’s the complete package. I mainly got involved with Speed Reading because of my former career in the IT sector. With technology changing everyday, I needed to stay current with all […]

Famous Speed Readers

Famous Speed Readers

President John F. Kennedy President Kennedy was a strong proponent of speed reading after taking a speed reading course with his brother Bobby Kennedy. He encouraged many in his cabinet to take similar courses and helped make speed reading popular throughout the U.S. in the 1960s. A passage from the book “Camelot at Dawn” titled […]

History of Speed Reading

Speedy History of Speed Reading

Gathering information is something all humans do naturally. So it’s only natural that once we learn to read, we want to start doing it faster so we can gather and absorb more information. One of the first insights into speed reading was developed through the United States Air Force using the methodology behind the tachistoscope, […]