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Speed Reading for Business Professionals

This is an online course, but you can also attend in-person: Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Toronto

  •   Learn How Most CEOs Read 4-5 Books per Month

  •   Streamlined Course To Learn the Most Important Techniques

  •   Fly Through Books, Documents, News, Email and More

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Speed Reading and Memory

What You’ll Learn:

  •   How Most CEOs Read 4-5 Books per Month

  •   How To Read a Book a Week

  •   Why Most People Read Slowly and How To Change

  •   Strategies for Reading Complex Material

  •   Techniques To Minimize Subvocalization

  •   How To Read Groups of Words

  •   How To Pace Yourself To Read Faster

  •   How To Get Through the News Faster

  •   Tips for Accelerating Your Online Reading

  •   Information Management Strategies

  •   How To Distill the Key Information from the “Fluff”

  •   How To Improve Concentration While Reading

  •   How To Read Actively Instead of Passively

  •   How To Retain Critical Information

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