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Speed Reading and Memory

    Course #1:
    How To Read Faster:

  1. Using Your Hand to Guide Your Eyes
  2. How To Start Building Up Your Reading Speed

  3. Adjusting Your Speed to Maximize Efficiency

  4. Challenge Yourself to Read a Little Faster

  5. How Deadlines Can Improve Your Speed

  6. How to Read Groups of Words

  7. How to Minimize Subvocalization

  8. Speed Drills

  9. Three Step Process to Maximize Speed

  10. How to Read Faster on the Computer Screen

  11. Price: $20

      Course #2:
      How To Remember More of What You Read:

    1. 30 Tips to Remember What You Read

    2. How to Prepare Your Brain to Retain

    3. How Your Brain Remembers Information

    4. 7 Steps to Remember What You Read

    5. Principles of Reading Retention

    6. 8 Ways to Retain Information

    7. The Importance of Taking Notes

    8. The Multiple Reading Process

    9. Mnemonic Devices

    10. 4 Applications to Remember Things Digitally

    11. Price: $20

      Course #3:
      How To Read With Better Concentration:

    1. Simple Technique to Improve Concentration

    2. 11 Ways to Eliminate Distractions

    3. How to Avoid Re-Reading Material Too Often

    4. Mental Checkpoints

    5. Does Listening to Music Help You Study?

    6. Set Deadlines to Help You Concentrate

    7. How to Take Breaks to Improve Your Focus

    8. Other Focus Exercises

    9. Focused Reading on the Computer

    10. Simple Reading Routine for Better Focus

    11. Price: $20

  Purchase All 3 for $60  


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