Speed Reading Classes in Los Angeles (LA)

Speed Reading Classes in Los Angeles (LA)

Price:  $299 $199 – Expires: Fri, Mar 27

Group Discounts:
2 People: $299 ($149.50 each)
3 People: $399 ($133.00 each)
4 People: $499 ($124.75 each)

Course Description:
  • Thorough coverage of all key speed reading concepts.
  • Practical speed reading techniques based on proven strategies.
  • Engaging curriculum that has helped thousands of students and professionals.
  • Start utilizing what you learn immediately.
  • Most comprehensive speed-reading course in the industry.
Course includes:
  • 6 hours of live training from an experienced speed-reading instructor.
  • Access to web-based training tools and supplemental practice materials.
  • 121-Page eBook to Help You Concentrate Better.
  • Course Training Materials and Drill Guides.
  • Special Report: “30 Tips To Improve Your Memory”.
  • Home Practice Study Guide.
  • Certificate of Completion.
What You’ll Learn:
  • How to Increase Your Reading Speed by 200% to 500%.
  • How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension at High Speeds.
  • How to Sharpen Your Ability To Recall What You Read.
  • Click Here To See Our Full Syllabus.
  • • Introduction to speed reading.
    • Accurately measure your current reading speed.
    • How to break old reading habits.
    • How to utilize speed drills to increase your reading speed.
    • How to improve your note-taking skills.
    • How to read faster on desktops, laptops, tablets, e-readers and phones.
    • How to improve your focus and concentration while reading.
    • Conceptualizing The Multiple Reading Process (MRP) and applying it to different types of reading material.
    • Basic strategies to improve comprehension.
    • Advanced strategies to improve comprehension.
    • How to minimize subvocalization.
    • How to utilize the latest reading technology to boost your information intake.
    • Practice reading techniques on different levels of material.
    • Learn how to use web-based speed reading tools to maximize your reading speed and comprehension.
    • How to approach dry, difficult and/or technical material.
    • How to capture and recall information through mind mapping.
    • How to boost your personal and work-related productivity.
    • Final reading efficiency evaluation.

  • Workshop Location:

    March 1st Class:
    The Concourse Hotel at
    Los Angeles international
    Airport – Hyatt Affiliate
    Room: La Jolla Room
    6225 W Century Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
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